What is Kubernetes (k8s) ?

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    Elif Nur Karakoç

In this article, I shared the notes about Kubernetes

What is Kubernetes (k8s) ?

Kubernetes is an open-source container-orchestration tool designed to automate, deploying, scaling, and the operation of containerized applications. It bornt out Google’s experience running production workloads at scale. It allows organization to increase their velocity by releasing and recovering faster.

  • It is a distributed system.

  • Multiple machines are configured to form a cluster. Machines may be a mix of physical, virtual, on-prem or in cloud infrastructure.

  • Schedules containers on machines

  • Moves containers as machines are added or removes.

  • Can use different container runtimes.

  • Modular extensible design.

Developers or Engineers can quickly deploy containers, wire up networking, scale and expose services to the real world.

Kubernetes can automatically move containers from failed machines to running machines. Multiple clusters can also join up with each other to form a Federation.

Kubernetes Features

  • Automated deployment rollout and rollback.

  • Seamless horizontal scaling.

  • Secret managment.

  • Service discovery and load balancing.

  • Linux and Windows container support.

  • Simple log collection.

  • Stateful application support.

  • Persistent volume managment.

  • CPU and memory quotas.

  • Batch job processing.

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